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Gillian Anderson on the Wikipedia troll hunter

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By Gillian Anderson

This week, the Wikipedia Troll Hunter. After receiving malicious emails from trolls over a decade as a Wikipedia editor, 22-year-old medical student Emily Temple-Wood had finally had enough and took matters into her own hands. This week, Gillian discovers the remarkable story of how one woman turned the trolls' weapon of choice against them and joined the ranks of strong and resilient women scientists, which are steadily becoming more visible and accepted online. This piece was originally published in 2016, so portions of the story may have been updated over time. This is What Do I Know?! with Gillian Anderson. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be listening to a series of curated audio articles, exploring a range of deeply human stories of social challenges, sexual liberation, phenomenal women and much more. Join us every other Thursday for new episodes as we go on a collective journey of discovery, asking ourselves to truly question, ‘What do I know?!'

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