Gillian Anderson discusses revolutionary woman, Jane Addams | Curio
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Gillian Anderson discusses revolutionary woman, Jane Addams

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By Gillian Anderson

This week, Jane Addams: a woman ahead of her time. In so many ways, Jane Addams (1860 - 1935) - feminist, activist and social reformer - was a woman who was ahead of her time. But, like so many of us, her path in life wasn't linear. From struggling with depression in her youth to becoming the first woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. This week, Gillian is joined by leading historian, Louise W. Knight to discuss Jane Addams's incredible life story and reflect on finding purpose and power in fighting for social equality. This is What Do I Know?! with Gillian Anderson. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be listening to a series of curated audio articles, exploring a range of deeply human stories of social challenges, sexual liberation, phenomenal women and much more. Join us every other Thursday for new episodes as we go on a collective journey of discovery, asking ourselves to truly question, ‘What do I know?!'

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