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Gillian Anderson discusses migraines

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By Gillian Anderson

This week, the gendered stigma of migraines. Migraines are a relatively common health complaint associated with intense, throbbing headaches. However, for centuries they have been treated as a "women's issue", resulting in a stark difference in medical treatment that shows up not only in laboratories but also in the real world where the stakes are higher. In this episode, Gillian discusses this pervasive issue by exploring how gender inequality can result in migraine sufferers not being taken with the degree of seriousness they deserve and argues that an examination of the language we use in the medical field is long overdue. This is What Do I Know?! with Gillian Anderson. Over the coming wewe'llwe’ll be listening to a series of curated audio articles, exploring a range of deeply human stories of social challenges, sexual liberation, phenomenal women and much more. Join us every other Thursday for new episodes as we go on a collective journey of discovery, asking ourselves to truly question, ‘What do I know?!'

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