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The pursuit of "unconventional" happiness

Take time out every weekend with hand-picked stories to help you thrive.

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Take time out with our hand-picked stories to help you thrive. Every Saturday, host Ali Jones presents a selection of inspiring and thought-provoking articles that focus on you. Whether you're forming new habits or seeking inner transformation, Recharged will give you a fresh perspective on life. In today's episode… Depressed? There's a stigma attached to "mindless" and "time-wasting" activities like watching TV, scrolling social media and playing videos. But did you know that they are essential to positive well-being? Salon explains more. Then, society is obsessed with self-help and positive thinking. But focusing on happiness can sometimes have the opposite effect. Fast Company explains how chasing wonder, cultivating slow thoughts, and finding novelty can help build emotional resiliency.

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