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Discover the gift of peace this holiday season

Take time out every weekend with hand-picked stories to help you thrive.

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Take time out with our hand-picked stories to help you thrive. Every Saturday, host Ali Jones presents a selection of inspiring and thought-provoking articles that focus on you. Whether you’re forming new habits or seeking inner transformation, Recharged will give you a fresh perspective on life. In today’s episode… It's the most wonderful time of year, filled with presents, good food, and... family tension. But spending the holidays with family doesn't have to be a battle. Discover how you can use conflict resolution techniques for a much more peaceful holiday season, with Salon. Then, many of us believe meditation results in a magical moment of self-transformation, try it and inevitably fail. But did you know it's actually about developing awareness? So, if you're struggling, here are the easiest ways to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your day with The Washington Post.

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