Afterglow | Curio


30 mins | Sep 14, 2021

Would you leave a dying Earth if given the chance, or try to save it? Close your eyes and imagine a better future beyond the current climate crisis. What do you see? This is exactly what Grist’s solutions lab, Fix, asked writers from all over the world to do for its first climate-fiction short story contest, "Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors". We're excited to present to you the three winning stories in audio. The stories offer a refreshing flicker of hope, even joy, by providing a springboard for exploring how fiction can help create a path towards equitable climate progress, envisaging intersectional worlds of abundance, adaptation and reform. In Afterglow — written by Lindsey Brodeck — we follow Talli, a young woman on the verge of an interplanetary journey, who starts having second thoughts after meeting a group of ‘Earth-believers’ by the name of Heliogens. Will they convince her to stay? It is read by the two-time Audie Award winner, Andi Arndt.

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