The lonely journey of a UFO conspiracy theorist | Curio

The lonely journey of a UFO conspiracy theorist

22 mins | Sep 15, 2021

How is QAnon infiltrating Ufology? Heightened feelings of abandonment have spurred on new levels of mass delusions amongst those positive that there is life beyond our planet. Jose A. Del Real explores the story of the newly elected Director of Investigations for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and his search for truth, credibility, and belonging in America's age of distrust. "As the Trump presidency progressed and some factions on the far right slid toward political fantasy and extremism, the stakes were thrown into stark relief for Chris. Within MUFON, he saw how conspiratorial thinking made people susceptible to various forms of manipulation. He worried about where they could be led amid intensifying fights over facts and truth. He saw how some were already making their moves."

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From The Washington Post

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