T.S. Shanbhag died of coronavirus on May 4th | Curio

T.S. Shanbhag died of coronavirus on May 4th

7 mins | May 21, 2021

The owner of Bangalore's Premier Book Shop was 84. "His grown-up customers were treated with the same care. His shop was intellectually serious: few novels, thrillers, or that bestselling kind of thing, but instead a feast of new books in English on history, biography, science, economics and world literature (his own favourite author was Camus). He provided food for minds, as Koshy’s provided it for bodies. And every book was at a discount, the first at a bookshop in Bangalore, of 10% off everything. If he saw an impoverished student sighing over a volume, then putting it back, he would let them borrow it instead. When orders were needed urgently, he would drive across the city to deliver them in person. No action gave him so much joy as putting a book that was wanted into someone’s hand."

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