Can monoculture survive the algorithm? | Curio

Can monoculture survive the algorithm?

39 mins | Nov 23, 2020

Understanding why we may feel adrift as streaming media consumers, and what it does to society in general. Monoculture "is used to describe a monolithic culture: the range of artefacts, characters, voices, and stories that a specific demographic find recognisable and relatable." As Kyle Chayka explains in Vox, our obsession with it is bringing about two very real concerns. "The first one is whether we have lost the ability as a society to connect via media products thanks to a more populated streaming field. The second is simply whether culture is becoming less and less diverse thanks to biased recommendation algorithms. These two concerns appear in some ways irreconcilable, and yet they coexist. Is there less monoculture today, or is culture more mass than ever?"

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