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Myanmar’s coup turns the clock back a decade

21 mins | Feb 11, 2021

The Economist's Analysis: new leader, old problems. "The army’s best chance of getting out of the cleft stick into which it has reinserted itself is to delegitimise the NLD and make itself and its proxies more popular. To further the first agenda it argues that its coup was a defence of democracy in the face of the NLD’s stolen election, and carried out in a perfectly proper way. The state of emergency was, as the constitution requires, enacted by the president — albeit a rather fresh one, as Myint Swe, a retired general, had been elevated from the vice-presidency only minutes earlier, following the detention of the former president, Win Myint of the NLD. Ms Suu Kyi’s detention is justified by the charge that she had improperly imported walkie-talkies — a charge which puts her at risk of being barred from office. Most of the other politicians originally detained have since been released."

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