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Treat yourself

33 mins | Jan 30, 2022

Beyond millennial burnout. The language of self-care and burnout may seem to be conflicting, but they can also be complementary. There is a propensity to externalize our suffering to our economic circumstances, which provokes an inclination to "take better care" of ourselves after being beaten down by these conditions. Apoorva Tadepalli contemplates her attempts to escape the twin narratives of self-care and millennial burnout and reflects on the political necessity of figuring out how to live a good life beyond politics. "Capitalism, as Harris and Petersen say, normalizes anxiety: it creates an industry of 'happiness' and 'self-care' that is invested in ensuring we're never satisfied with our moods or ourselves. But narratives that blame all our unhappiness on capitalism normalize it too. They make us victims of capitalism twice: once for what is required of us by the American economy, and again for what is required of us by the narratives of "revolt" against the American economy."

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