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Galaxy collisions preview milky way's fate

24 mins | Dec 29, 2021

Galactic pile-ups, ambitious goals and new insights. A new technology that helps to study the collisions, or mergers of other galaxies, could help our own, and in turn, could help us on our way to a deeper understanding of the entire universe. In this fascinating exploration of the world of colliding galaxies across cosmic time, Aaron S. Evans and Lee Armus, contemplate the history and future of existence through the lens of this mind-blowing field of research.

 “Overall, these new telescopes will unveil the astrophysics occurring in nearby and early-universe galaxy mergers. High-resolution simulations, coupled with these detailed new observations, will be the key to understanding how physical feedback processes help to regulate star formation and black hole growth in merging galaxies. Future planned and proposed observatories will be able to detect the gravitational-wave signatures of colliding supermassive black holes and the dusty cores of forming galaxies over the vast majority of cosmic time. As we discover more exotic objects at the farthest reaches of the universe, we will continue to use these new tools to better understand how galaxies are born and live out their lives.”

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From Scientific American

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