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Gulp! The secret economics of food delivery

38 mins | Feb 5, 2021

Jonathan Nunn: How DoorDash and Deliveroo are changing the way we eat. These type of delivery services or apps have thrived during the pandemic, as consumers turn to them due to the requirement to stay home. However, what about the courier drivers and restaurants, particularly the independently-owned ones — are they raking in the benefits as well? In The Economist's 1843 magazine, Nunn investigates the changing dynamics of the food and restaurant industry. "These apps charge restaurants a higher commission because they are doing more work, acting as an e-commerce portal, a marketing platform and a courier. They are also changing the perception of restaurants. Establishments become increasingly indistinguishable as customers encounter them in the same way via the interface of an app. There is none of the communal energy of a dining room, the charm of a waiter, the opportunity for spontaneous generosity."

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