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Technosolutionism isn’t the fix

26 mins | Jan 29, 2021

Whether a crisis of public health or public safety, is the best response increased surveillance? When the pandemic hit the West in March 2020, Zoom and other types of digital communications became a first-response-type to the crisis it had ensued. Almost a year later, what was a silver lining for human interaction has turned into the thing of nightmares for many. For author Christine Rosen, this highlights one thing: tech doesn't solve deeper human issues. In this piece for The Hedgehog Review, she explains why. "The appeal of technosolutionism is understandable, particularly in a time of increased political polarization, social unrest, and, now, a public health crisis. Technosolutionism alleviates widespread anxiety by promising certainty when uncertainty prevails. It offers efficient responses to complex problems while eliding thorny questions of ethics, politics, or justice. It gives us the how without forcing us to ask the why." This story was originally published in The Hedgehog Review in the fall of 2020.

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