#36 - Tech founders on TV and the love/hate for Marmite | Curio

#36 - Tech founders on TV and the love/hate for Marmite

58 mins | Apr 1, 2022

Your audio magazine curated by Ryan Broderick to help you sail into the weekend. This week, we do a roundup of stories from the week including opposition to the Royals’ visit to the Caribbean, how helpful acts of kindness have increased in the last years, and that Machu Picchu is not actually the correct name for the Inca ruins. Our Feature story looks at how bombastic tech founders of companies like WeWork, Uber, and Theranos have been depicted recently in TV series. These shows may appear to dismantle the cult-like appreciation of these figures, but do not do this as well as they want to. Our first Conversation Starter looks at how marketers used people’s love/hate relationship with Marmite to sell the sticky spread. Our last story turns towards the beautiful Yosemite National Park to learn why fire is not necessarily a bad omen in nature conservation. 00:01:18 - Section 1 - Weekly Roundup 00:03:35 - Section 2 - Feature - Vox Recode 00:16:09 - Section 3 - Conversation Starters -The Economist & Aeon

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