Kaja Kallas: ‘There is a certain naivety towards Russia’ | Curio

Kaja Kallas: ‘There is a certain naivety towards Russia’

18 mins | Feb 24, 2022

A portrait of a country and its leader. How does it feel to be Europe’s leader in digital government and education whilst keeping a constant close eye on its bigger neighbour and former occupier to the east? Richard Milne sits down with the Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas. They discuss the Baltic state’s precarious position, why many misread Russia and Estonia's painful history. “There seems to be a certain type of naivety towards Russia. I was trying to explain this to President Macron as well: you’re seeing this through the prism of a democratic country. You say that’s it’s going to be super-expensive for Russia to have a war . . . [Putin] doesn’t care. He’s not up for elections.”

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