"Critical Race Theory" and actual education policy, part two | Curio

"Critical Race Theory" and actual education policy, part two

17 mins | Nov 11, 2021

The core problem is a dangerous attack on efforts to measure learning. What are the consequences of demagoguery and political opportunism in the US' education sector? This instalment of Slow Boring in this final piece of a two-parter, where Matthew Yglesias contemplates how schools have become a sociological battleground following America's social reckoning in 2020. "This means that on a social level, the pipeline problem is very real, and the only way to address some of these disparities we see in society is to actually make the schools better. And people coming from the edu-left universe, despite the lip service to equity, have come up with a lot of ideas that are somewhere between useless and harmful to that cause."

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From Matthew Yglesias

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