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My high school’s secret fantasy slut league

63 mins | Mar 27, 2022

A shocking tale about elites, teenagers and consent. A wealthy California school had a hookup game where boys “drafted” girls, then tracked their sex acts. A decade later, Lena Crown and her classmates still debate whether “FSL” was harmless teenage hijinks or a symptom of toxic rot in our elite enclave. "Piedmont High’s teachers and parents remained oblivious to the league’s existence for most of its life span. Then, on October 19, 2012, shortly after James took the helm, the high school principal sent a letter informing parents of several “troubling incidents involving our students.” The letter outlined the tenets of the Fantasy Slut League as they knew it: Girls were drafted 'unbeknownst to most of them,' though 'many students (male and female) were aware of it and participated.' The sex acts girls engaged in had often been encouraged by “manipulation by older students that included alcohol to impair 'judgment' and 'social demands to be popular.' An investigation had been conducted. The letter urged parents to 'Please be bold in your conversations with your child.'"

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