#19 - Missing money, happy entrepreneurs and the history of violence | Curio

#19 - Missing money, happy entrepreneurs and the history of violence

50 mins | Nov 12, 2021

Your audio magazine curated by Ryan Broderick to help you sail into the weekend. We start with a roundup of what's been trending on Curio — Facebook's multiple patent applications, lockdown news from China, the end of COP26, French-US tensions, and coalition talks in Germany. Then, we hear about Web Summit in Lisbon, where the world's tech startups gathered for the first time in two years. In our Features section, we have an intriguing piece about cash. The value of physical money has tripled to around £75b, but only a third of it is in circulation — why nobody seems to care that billions of banknotes are missing? Our Conversation Starters are on why entrepreneurs are more content than other people and how their passion can be a double-edged sword. To end things with, a decade on from psychologist Steven Pinker's determination that violence is declining, we ask if history can teach us anything about the future of war and peace? 00:00:21 - Section 1 - Weekly Roundup 00:01:58 - Section 2 - Features - The Economist's 1843 Magazine 00:25:02 - Section 3 - Conversation Starters - The Wall Street Journal & The Guardian

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