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The true-crime “podcast junkie” turned real life murder suspect

49 mins | Jan 16, 2022

From the mic stand to the witness stand. The host of a true-crime podcast noticed that a subscriber of his Patreon had the same name as a person in a lesser-known case that they had covered. Then, he discovered that the same person had made unsolicited calls to investigators with offers to divulge what he knew about the disappearance and began giving interviews to podcasts and news outlets. Dylan Taylor-Lehman explores Steve Pankey’s long obsession with the disappearance of Jonelle Matthews in 1984, which has made him central to a trial on the case. But is he a cold-blooded killer who got away with murder, or just a true-crime obsessive craving attention? "Pankey spoke calmly and patiently on the podcast, with Dentzel giving him space to tell his side of the story, but also interrupting him to clarify the many twists and turns in the narrative. Pankey didn’t sound particularly worried that he was a person of interest in the case; he stated repeatedly that he hoped the crime would be solved and the perpetrator brought to justice. He said he appreciated Dentzel’s no-nonsense attitude and felt he’d been very fair to him."

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