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Can Nike keep its cool?

31 mins | Jan 14, 2021

When a company becomes less about its products and more about its message. Nike made billions from mixing sportswear, social justice and style, but now employees say the company is not practising what it preaches. In the Financial Times, Sara Germano takes a deep-dive into the American brand's philosophy, and why it's struggling to deliver on selling both sportswear and a social idea. "It's one of the most challenging moments in the company’s history. It must contend not only with a radical shift in retail strategies but also the wider cultural reckoning with the intersection of race, gender and power. In interviews with current and former employees, industry executives, consumers and retail partners, divisions emerge over how to tackle such issues while remaining true to the spirit that has set the brand apart from other sportswear manufacturers. One question looms above the rest: is it the end of an era for Nike?"

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