#33 - How to start making music | Curio

#33 - How to start making music

28 mins | Apr 6, 2022

Practical tips on getting into music-making. The 64th Annual Grammy Awards took place on Monday the 4th of April, with some of the world’s best musicians taking to the stage and being celebrated. Yet, all of us have some musical talent and would perhaps like to explore the beautiful world of music more. Perhaps you already have skills to develop or want to start from scratch, but music can be a wonderful hobby that brings joy and connects us with others. In this week's guide from Psyche magazine, Gayla M. Mills gives some encouragement and advice for those wanting to explore music-making. She is an author who returned to music in her 40s and offers guidance on how to take the leap from listener to maker in a way that suits you. Feel wiser and more fulfilled on your walks with Curio's life hack audio guides from Psyche magazine. Perfect for taking time out for yourself and making the most of your walking time, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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