#176 - Europe's refugee hypocrisy | Curio

#176 - Europe's refugee hypocrisy

19 mins | Mar 29, 2022

Today's episode from 29th March 2022. We begin the show discussing the apparent "double standards" of western societies to the refugee crisis in Ukraine, compared with that of Syria and Afghanistan. What is it down to? The size of the crisis? Geography? Media coverage? Or, as one commentator believes, racism? Then later, we'll show you how to train your brain to remember anything you learn with a simple, 20-minute habit. For James Traub, a nonresident fellow at New York University's Center on International Cooperation, the difference between European countries' treatment of Syrians and Ukrainians is evidence of racism — and reality. In this opinion piece in Foreign Policy, Traub explores the double standards of Western societies and explains there is still time to "design a humane and just system that takes account of political and human realities." The older you get, the harder it seems to retain information, which is particularly frustrating when you go to the supermarket or attend a conference and forget everything you didn't write down. This is where the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve comes in. For Inc, Author Scott Mautz explains what happened when he tried this 100-year-old study aid and how you too can retain information with this simple method. Wake up with Curio is a different kind of morning show that gives you the context behind the news and gets you motivated for the day ahead, every Monday - Friday.

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