#16 - Carbon leakage, a different take on emotions and Succession | Curio

#16 - Carbon leakage, a different take on emotions and Succession

82 mins | Oct 22, 2021

Your audio magazine curated by Ryan Broderick to help you sail into the weekend. We've got a really varied show for you, starting with the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation, who weighs in on climate change by offering a solution on carbon pricing. Then, we look at the work of the Nobel Prize-winner economists who turned statistics into insight. Next, our Deep Dive feature is about the Pixar movie Inside Out, as we explore the idea that emotions aren't universal but specific to each culture. Finally, two fascinating Conversation Starters — first: extreme right-wing views and the wellness community might not be an obvious pairing, but it seems "conspirituality" is becoming increasingly pervasive. Second: "Succession" is back on TV — we hear about some real-world family fights that are fiercer than fiction. Ryan Broderick is a freelance journalist who has recently been published in outlets such as The Nation, The Verge, Eater, and Foreign Policy. He writes a newsletter about web culture and technology called Garbage Day and hosts a podcast about online platforms called The Content Mines. 00:01:27 - Section 1 - Future View - Financial Times 00:15:12 - Section 2 - Deep Dive, Features - Aeon 00:49:58 - Section 3 - Conversation Starters - The Guardian & The Economist’s 1843 Magazine

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