#149 - Do we want to live in a meritocracy? | Curio

#149 - Do we want to live in a meritocracy?

23 mins | Feb 18, 2022

Today's episode from 18th February 2022. We end the week by talking about unicorns (the billion-dollar business kind). As the 1,000th unicorn startup is born, we explore the history of the term, the rapid rise of them in the last decade and what it says about private equity funding. Then we end the week with a fascinating argument about whether or not we truly live in a meritocratic society. Is hard work to credit for our achievements or is it down to a multitude of other factors? In 2012, start-ups worth over $1 billion were extremely rare. Ten years later, there are two new ones every day. From Bloomberg Businessweek, Ellen Huet asks whether this is a bubble waiting to be burst, or signs of a healthy private market. People in charge often believe they earned their privilege solely through hard work, but this is rarely the case. So why is wealth and education the organising principle of society? From The Guardian, Sam Freedman - a fellow at the institute for Government - questions whether we want to live in a meritocracy. Wake up with Curio is a different kind of morning show that gives you the context behind the news and gets you motivated for the day ahead, every Monday - Friday.

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