#32 - How to be a good friend to an Autistic person | Curio

#32 - How to be a good friend to an Autistic person

36 mins | Mar 30, 2022

Bonding with Autistic people through openness and empathy. This week marks both Autism Awareness Day and World Bipolar Day. People with autism and other mental health conditions have frequently been stereotyped in how they are portrayed in the media when their lived experiences are deep multi-faceted. Interacting with them or being their friend may mean slightly different ways of doing things, but this can foster meaningful and genuine relationships with a bit of patience. In this week's guide from Psyche magazine, two researchers who are Autistic people themselves, Abby Sesterka and Erin Bulluss, describe how they believe these connections can best be made and grown. Feel wiser and more fulfilled on your walks with Curio's life hack audio guides from Psyche magazine. Perfect for taking time out for yourself and making the most of your walking time, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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