#28 - How to know if you’re addicted | Curio

#28 - How to know if you’re addicted

27 mins | Mar 2, 2022

Is your casual pastime an addiction? During the pandemic, it was widely reported that substance abuse issues worsened. From some people being forced to stay in unsafe home environments, to the breaking down of many social and support structures, there were many reasons for this. The number of people struggling with addiction is swelling but it still seems to carry a taboo something that is or should be hidden behind closed doors. In this week's guide, we're hearing from psychologist and wellness expert Rebecca E Williams, who breaks down the cornerstones that create addiction and offers practical insight for those who are in or helping someone in recovery. Feel wiser and more fulfilled on your walks with Curio's life hack audio guides from Psyche magazine. Perfect for taking time out for yourself and making the most of your walking time, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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