Isaac Asimov asks, “how do people get new ideas?” | Curio

Isaac Asimov asks, “how do people get new ideas?”

12 mins | Jun 7, 2021

Discover a moment of wonder by listening to a carefully selected 15-minute audio story. Listen to expert voices across Technology, Business, Psychology and Health — bringing you new perspectives, insights and ideas. Released every Monday to Friday, we’ll help you practice curiosity and open-mindedness as part of your daily routine. Today's pick: The sci-fi giant on the creative process. Isaac Asimov's concepts became reality and made him one of the greatest science writers of a generation. A recently rediscovered essay by him still contains some pertinent points on the creative process, the nature of creative people and the kind of environment that promotes creativity. This piece also contains a note from the American entrepreneur and philanthropist Arthur Obermayer, a close friend of the author, who found this text.

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