TikTok and the evolution of digital blackface | Curio

TikTok and the evolution of digital blackface

35 mins | Jan 11, 2021

"Users drape themselves in the trappings of Black culture — and steal the viral spotlight." For WIRED's Jason Parham, it’s exploitation at its most refined and disturbing. In this piece, he dives into the struggles black creators are facing in the digital creative spectrum, where they have seen different approaches to their content and clear limitations to make their voices heard. "Over a period of two months, I heard from 29 Black creators who shared stories about muted posts, in-app harassment, and incidents of racism. They said the problems on the app are deeper and more widespread than simple isolated incidents. 'Ever since I joined I've felt like the app is against me,' one told me. Another added, 'It's disgusting how much they have allowed to go unchecked.'"

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