Family fortunes: Huawei, the Murdochs... OnlyFans? | Curio

Family fortunes: Huawei, the Murdochs... OnlyFans?

16 mins | Oct 22, 2021

Some real-world family fights are fiercer than fiction. Succession is back on TV for its third season. Although some of its storylines of familial power and dysfunction must seem ludicrous, the inspiration for the hit series is actually very easy to come by. From OnlyFans to The Clintons, Matthew Sweet explores the real-life families that inspire the HBO hit show. "Parents who are also bosses, cousins and siblings, and spouses who are also colleagues: such geometries do not generate stability. Those familial relationships, moved by deep tectonic forces of desire, must support more brittle structures governed by movements of capital and labour. If Freud and Marx built a luxury condo together, would you want to live in it?"

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From 1843

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