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The energy future needs cleaner batteries

34 mins | Oct 2, 2021

How will we find the key? With extreme heat, drought, storms and floods cropping around the globe the 2021’s apocalyptic weather came as a stark reminder of the incredibly desperate stakes of the energy transition. But to deal with climate change and power the cars of tomorrow, we’ll have to solve the cobalt problem. Drake Bennett explores the tech companies and the people on the frontline trying to solve this issue. Will the next energy breakthrough come from a lab or from the ground? ‘KoBold’s approach is to take the kind of geologists who traditionally lead exploration efforts and yoke their expertise to the methods of data science. The company has created a database for itself out of geological information hoovered up from public and private sources all around the world: everything including academic papers, drill hole chemistry results, airborne and satellite measurements, and barely legible hand-scrawled field reports deciphered by optical character recognition.’

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From Bloomberg Businessweek

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