#37- Macron's charm and Netflix cancellations | Curio

#37- Macron's charm and Netflix cancellations

44 mins | Apr 8, 2022

Your audio magazine curated by Ryan Broderick to help you sail into the weekend. We do a roundup of stories from the week including airlines allowing hundreds of empty planes, some Amazon employees unionising, and the newest space missions. Our Feature story, in light of the upcoming French elections, is a fascinating profile of current president Emmanuel Macron. It examines how the popular politician is not necessarily liked. Later in the show, the first Conversation Starter tries to understand why Netflix cancels some of your favourite shows. Lastly, we dive into the history of duels, and how public shows of honour are still attempted… say if your wife is insulted by a popular comedian at an awards show. 00:01:10 - Section 1 - Weekly Roundup 00:02:47 - Section 2 - Feature - The Economist’s 1843 magazine 00:33:34 - Section 3 - Conversation Starters - Financial Times & JSTOR Daily

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