#40 – How to live well with persistent pain | Curio

#40 – How to live well with persistent pain

32 mins | May 25, 2022

Living well in the face of pain. If you or someone you love has ever dealt with ongoing, long-lasting pain of some kind, you’ll know that it can affect so much more than just your body. Your mind and its ability to fully enjoy life, even if it may be a little more restricted than in the past, can be challenged. But, it doesn’t have to be this way, because there are strategies that can help us cope better, regardless of what the pain is currently like. In this week’s guide by Psyche magazine, psychologist Whitney Scott shares tools from acceptance and commitment therapy that can help you sidestep the struggle against pain. Feel wiser and more fulfilled on your walks with Curio's life hack audio guides from Psyche magazine. Perfect for taking time out for yourself and making the most of your walking time, with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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