#237 - Why a closed Afghan embassy in the US matters | Curio

#237 - Why a closed Afghan embassy in the US matters

25 mins | Jun 22, 2022

Today's episode from 22nd June 2022. After ISIS bombed a Sikh temple in Afghanistan, many of the remaining Sikhs and Hindus in the country are desperate to leave. That task is made harder now that the US became the first western nation to decommission its Afghanistan embassy. We take a look at what closing the doors means for thousands of refugees and diplomats that relied on it. Then later, poor wifi, forgetting your password, online deliveries arriving late. We explore why our reaction to first-world problems like these might actually be a human psychological condition. Wake up with Curio is a different kind of morning show that gives you the context behind the news and gets you motivated for the day ahead, every Monday - Friday.

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