#141 - How Panama's success defies political science | Curio

#141 - How Panama's success defies political science

21 mins | Feb 8, 2022

Today's episode from 8th February 2022. Last year, the Pandora Papers revealed that Panama was home to some of the world's most rich and powerful hiding wealth, avoiding tax and laundering money. But since the 1990s, the country's success has defied conventional political science wisdom. We take a look at four features of their achievements, which has political scientists scratching their heads. Then later, how can we overcome our instincts to rebel against orders? We learn about three techniques that the ultimate persuaders — advertisers — use to create some powerful motivation hacks. Since the 1989 toppling of dictator Manuel Noriega, Panama has become Latin America's most striking political and economic success story of the past three decades. However, the small country has also developed a reputation for facilitating the unsavoury financial dealings of the world's richest people. For Foreign Policy, James Loxton explains the simple but profound lessons from the restoration of democracy in Panama, including how it successfully took root where it failed in so many other countries and the significant cost. Our desire to protect our autonomy is so strong that we tend to do the opposite of whatever we've been told to do, just to prove a point. But this can often come at a personal cost. In his blog Nir and Far, Nir Eyal explains how we can use real advertising techniques as motivation hacks to disarm our hatred of being bossed around. Wake up with Curio is a different kind of morning show that gives you the context behind the news and gets you motivated for the day ahead, every Monday - Friday.

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