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Is this the end of populism?

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Our daily selection of the global stories that really matter. Discover the news beyond the headlines with Curio. Every morning, host Manish Verma selects analytical and thought-provoking articles from the world’s leading publications, leaving you better informed and ready for your day. This week on Informed, we’re looking back at the biggest news stories from 2022. Today, we're talking about the shifts in the political landscape this year. With Boris Johnson lasting for less than a term in office and Jair Bolsonaro falling from favour, can we say that 2022 has marked the end of populism? The Financial Times argues that, although the "strongmen" of Europe may be falling from grace, a new breed of far-right politicians in Europe shows that populism is evolving, not disappearing. Then, have Republicans finally had enough of Donald Trump? With the party facing the prospect of being the minority in the Senate, we'll look at how many former supporters are beginning to question the former President's influence with The Washington Post.

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