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From war to peace and back again

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Our daily selection of the global stories that really matter. Discover the news beyond the headlines with Curio. Every morning, host Manish Verma selects analytical and thought-provoking articles from the world’s leading publications, leaving you better informed and ready for your day. This week on Informed, we’re looking back at the biggest news stories of the year. Today, we are reflecting on the conflict that has defined 2022 - the war in Ukraine. We start with a first person story from Foreign Policy. After fleeing the Taliban invasion of Kabul for safety in Kyiv, Masouma Tajik once again witnessed her home destroyed. This is her story - from the day before war was officially declared. Then, we look to the future. With international relations deteriorating and the death toll mounting, explore why diplomacy is the only solution to the war in Ukraine with The Financial Times.

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