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The aftermath of a self-driving tragedy

68 mins | Apr 9, 2022
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The human behind the wheel reveals all. An Uber self-driving car struck and killed a pedestrian in 2018. Many factors led to the tragedy. But, years later, one person was indicted, the frontline worker behind the wheel, Rafaela Vasquez. Here is her story. Lauren Smiley interviews Vasque, former Uber workers and self-driving experts, to get to the bottom of the first-ever death related to self-driving vehicles and the years-long case surrounding this unique incident. “Herzberg’s death punctured that promise, and recent years have seen the industry humbled. The projections of full autonomy—not just on highways, which are seen as the easier task; not just on certain routes in Houston, San Francisco, and Phoenix; but everywhere—are now much further out. At the end of 2020, Uber offloaded the Advanced Technologies Group and hundreds of employees to a company called Aurora, buying a 26 percent stake and a guarantee to use its tech in the future. The electric-vehicle self-driving startup Zoox was sold to Amazon. Lyft sold its autonomous division to a subsidiary of Toyota.“
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