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Nigeria and the 'lost tribe' of Israel

20 mins | Aug 4, 2022
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Welcome back to Wake Up with Curio! We're excited to bring you our revamped show. Every morning journalist Paula Akpan will help you go beyond catchy headlines, and get valuable insights on a recent story from two angles, followed by a helpful life hack to keep the positivity flowing. In today's episode... Although Islam and Christianity are the two dominant religions in Nigeria, since the turn of the century, thousands of Igbos - the country's largest ethnic group - have embraced Judaism, with many believing that they're descendants of Jacob. Throughout history, large Jewish populations have become "lost" through time and cultural assimilations, and this ancestral claim goes back hundreds of years, so why are the origins of Nigeria's Jews disputed? Should Israel embrace them? And how did their belief arise? You can listen to "The lost Jews of Nigeria" from The Guardian on Curio; just search for them on the app.