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What could post-pandemic work look like?

13 mins | Jul 25, 2022
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Welcome back to Wake Up with Curio! We're excited to bring you our revamped show. Every morning journalist Paula Akpan will help you go beyond catchy headlines, and get valuable insights on a recent story from two angles, followed by a helpful life hack to keep the positivity flowing. In today's episode... Recent years have seen the office — and its purpose — completely shift. Technological advances, a move towards knowledge-based work, and a global pandemic have contributed to a desire for 'hybrid' ways of working. Some workplaces have been quick to adapt, while others remain reluctant. Why? And, what about employees who were, and still are, eager to return? You can listen to "The way we work has changed — so should offices" from Bloomberg on Curio; just search for them on the app.