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The curious story of medicinal dildos

19 mins | Jul 15, 2022
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Welcome back to Wake Up with Curio! We're really excited to bring you our revamped show. Every morning journalist Paula Akpan will help you go beyond catchy headlines, and get valuable insights on a recent story from two angles, followed by a helpful life hack to keep the positivity flowing. In today's episode... Sexually-conservative Alabama holds true to Bible-belt state stereotypes about stigma and lack of sex education, which makes the success of the city’s only sex shop — a cornucopia of sexual technology disguised as therapeutic devices — quite the story to tell. We explore whether discomfort around sexual language should be as common as it seems to be still. Then, to finish with, we have some sexy film, TV and book recommendations to spice up your weekend. You can listen to "The deep south's Dames of dildos" from Narratively and "Sex talks" from Aeon magazine on Curio; just search for them on the app.