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The year we gave up on privacy

18 mins | Jan 20, 2021
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Our lives moved online in 2020 — too bad privacy laws didn’t. COVID-19 forced the world into isolation and fomented our dependency on technology, as we used it to carry on doing basic activities of our day-to-day life such as working, going to school and doing our groceries. Modern technology had an already strong grasp on our most private information, but has 2020 been the ultimate blow? Digital privacy reporter, Sara Morrison, contemplates in Vox. "While some lawmakers did continue to sound the alarm about privacy throughout the year, especially with regard to issues raised by the pandemic, the focus on how to regulate the internet seems to have shifted away from privacy laws and toward curbing the power wielded by Big Tech companies. Generally, the left and the right have differing ideas of how to do this. Democrats are looking at using antitrust laws to break the companies up, while Republicans hope to take away immunity protections that allowed those companies (and the internet as a whole) to prosper."
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