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After the Beanie Baby bubble burst

30 mins | Jan 25, 2022
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Are NFTs destined to the same fate as the beloved plushies of the 90s? At the height of the frenzy thirty years ago, beanie babies were one of the obsessions of the early internet; many saw the stuffed toys as a lucrative investment plan that created black markets and crime rings in the process. But at the turn of the century, the market for them fizzled out. Can we look at the remnants of this craze to determine the fate of other trends? In this exploration into what happens when a frenzy ends, Emily Stewart uncovers the afterlife of the Beanie Baby fandom. “The problem with bubbles is that even if at some point it becomes clear what’s going on, it’s impossible to gauge when the bubble will burst. If bubbles were predictable, people would start to sell early, and the bubble would self-implode. Obviously, they don’t. And what was in the bubble really never goes away. The objects themselves don’t disappear. They become zombies.”
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