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The Weekend Edit

#13 - US/China relations, bio-terror and online gossip

78 mins | Oct 1, 2021
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Your audio magazine curated by Ryan Broderick to help you sail into the weekend. It turns out hybrid work arrangements have their downsides. In Future View, we look at the risk that home workers may be overlooked for promotions compared to those going into the office. After that, Joe Biden has promised diplomacy not war. But does a lack of dialogue between the US, Russia and China mean there's more scope for miscalculation? Our first Deep Dive feature explores the availability of gene modifying tools which has led to a surge in DIY experiments. Then later, the word 'gentrification' bears little resemblance to its original meaning, so does it obscure dominant forms of inequality? Finally, in Conversation Starters we discuss: how we must seize the productivity opportunities presented by the pandemic; and there are benefits to gossip, but what happens when you take it online? Ryan Broderick is a freelance journalist who has recently been published in outlets such as The Nation, The Verge, Eater, and Foreign Policy. He writes a newsletter about web culture and technology called Garbage Day and hosts a podcast about online platforms called The Content Mines. 00:01:10 - Section 1 - Future View - The Wall Street Journal & Financial Times 00:19:33 - Section 2 - Deep Dive, Features - Financial Times & Vox 00:57:13 - Section 3 - Conversation Starters - Financial Times & Psyche

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