What were the Capitol rioters thinking on Jan. 6? | Curio
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What were the Capitol rioters thinking on Jan. 6?

21 mins | Aug 5, 2021
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Was it ideological conviction or something bigger at play? Six months from the events, many court cases, hearings and resurfacing evidence are starting to paint a picture of the psyche behind the group that shockingly stormed the US capitol at the beginning of the year. Dan Zak and Karen Heller take a deep dive into the findings. "Personal baggage has been submitted as evidence. Douglas Jensen — the Iowa man who wore a 'Q' shirt and stalked Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman up a flight of stairs — is 'the product of a dysfunctional childhood' spent mostly in foster care, according to his lawyer. Jensen, saddled with stress, the lawyer said, became a “true believer” in QAnon, an extremist ideology that the FBI has deemed a domestic terrorism threat."
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