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Simone Biles will not be denied

34 mins | Jul 24, 2021
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Will she take gold again? With the Tokyo Olympics underway, we explore Simone Biles remarkable journey of unparalleled success. Louise Radnofsky tells us how overcoming massive obstacles in her personal life has left Biles with extraordinary discipline and strength, helping her become the best gymnast in history. "Biles says she’s embraced the idea that athletes deserve to be advocates. 'We can have a voice for things that we believe in, rather than just focus on the court, focus in the gym. We’re human too.' She also knows that whenever the topic of race in America rears its head, the public will look to her, just as it looks to LeBron James or Serena Williams, to say something. And her parents know that while she is a grown-up and can make her own choices, she has a public image and she has to be careful."
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