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Shrinking the Gap: how the clothing brand lost its way

32 mins | Apr 11, 2022
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What can it do to restore itself to its glory days? Gap’s particular American fashion brand made it an incredibly successful clothing retailer from the eighties to the noughties. Yet, In recent years the company’s unfussy fashion has not had the sway it used to. In this story that reflects the fortunes of many of the past’s beloved retailers, Eliza Brooke explores the rise and fall of Gap. Can a collaboration with Kanye West revive its fortunes, or is the company flailing around for a lucrative identity in modern times? “A number of retail experts with whom I spoke were baffled by Gap’s discordant product output, which includes not only Yeezy Gap but also a home goods collaboration with Walmart. “I come back to the question: Who are you?” said Stephens. “What do you stand for as a brand? And what can consumers look to you for?””
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