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Facebook, QAnon and the world's slackening grip on reality

36 mins | Nov 21, 2020
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Is the world’s biggest social network doing enough to combat unfounded conspiracy theories? The coronavirus pandemic has left us living more and more of our lives online. But the place where we chat with friends, get our news and form our opinions is full of dangerous misinformation. Alex Hern investigates the ramifications of this for the Guardian. "And with real-life interaction suppressed to counter the spread of the virus, it’s easier than ever for people to fall deep down a rabbit hole of deception, where the endpoint may not simply be a decline in vaccination rates or the election of an unpleasant president, but the end of consensus reality as we know it. What happens when your basic understanding of the world is no longer the same as your neighbour’s? And can Facebook stop that fate coming to us all?"
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