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The Cut

The nightmare share

43 mins | Feb 15, 2021
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She posted an ad for a roommate. What’s the worst that could happen? Well... Bridget Read explores in The Cut the unbelievable story of an advantageous nightmare roomie that will make the unwashed dishes in the sink feel a lot more forgivable. "New York roommate stories often begin with a kind of claustrophobic, reluctant symbiosis: Two people, linked solely by necessity, now also have to share the same bathroom. Here, finding a place to live is so notoriously difficult, the hunt so mythologically cutthroat, that the parties tend also to be united in desperation. Agreements are forged hastily via text message, in the DMs of third-party apps, as last-minute promises. Owners, renters, subletters, sub-subletters, Airbnb hosts, and Craigslist couch surfers alike learn to size one another up in relation to their own needs; how red the flags appear often depends on how broke you are."
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