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Scientific American

From civil rights to Black Lives Matter

29 mins | Mar 2, 2021
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An exceptional autobiographical reflection on how social justice movements succeed. Protest expert Aldon Morris explores the critical roles of leadership and community in the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter protests, exploring how core methods used by protesters are evolving faster than social scientists can comprehend.

 “Black Lives Matter faces many questions and obstacles. The Civil Rights Movement depended on tight-knit local communities with strong leaders, meeting in churches and other safe spaces to organize and strategize and to build solidarity and discipline. Can a decentralized movement produce the necessary solidarity as protesters face brutal repression? Will their porous Internet-based organizational structures provide secure spaces where tactics and strategies can be debated and selected? Can they maintain discipline? If protesters are not executing a planned tactic in a coordinated and disciplined manner, can they succeed? How can a movement correct a course of action that proves faulty?”
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